Tips for settling your child into care

To achieve a positive outcome for your child, here are a number of settling in strategies -

  • If possible a gradual build on the length of time your child

spends in the initial settling in period.

  • Bringing a favourite toy or comforter.

  • Updating carer of any changes that may have occurred during the night (ie perhaps an unsettled sleep, didn’t eat breakfast.

  • Informing carer of a favourite activity that may be used to calm your child if he/she were to get upset when parents leave.

  • Establishing a ‘good-bye’ routine, ie. Reading a book or playing with a toy before leaving.

  • Talking to your child at home about where he/she is going in the morning & a run down of what will happen there & who will care for him/her while mum/dad are at work.

  • Reassuring your child that you will return at the end of the day & pick them up or perhaps another member of the family, or a friend.

You are always welcomed to call me to find out how your child is doing & how they are coping with the day.

Looking forward to working in partnership with your family & seeing your child grow & develop in care.

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