Daily Routine/spontaneous            environment

8.00am Greeting parent & child's free play
9.15 Music & dance, story time/songs
9.40 Morning tea
10.00 Outdoor play/ Art & craft activities
11.30 Lunch
12.45 Day sleep/rest
2.30 Indoor play activity
3.00 Afternoon tea
3.30 Indoor/Outdoor play/story/songs
4.20- 4.55 Parents/caregivers arrive

Learning Opportunities

The center will provide a 'home-like' setting for your child to grow, develop, learn & most importantly play.
By providing a safe, educationally & socially enriching environment creates an atmosphere where social, emotional physical & cognitive development can take place.

Parents are constantly updated throughout the day on their childs activities in the centre. Through emails or sms.

The centre provides childrens with nutritious meals throughout the day.